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Just silly art from this guy, pls don't hate :c


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Artist | Student | Digital Art
My Name is Fabian but you can call me Fruztal,
I'm in lots of fanbases (furry, MLP, SU, etc etc.)

I have a Fart Fetish.. but the question is.. Do you really Care?
Why do i have to explain it?
Don't complain unless you have a good reason to do it. Even if you try to be a psychologist on me, your efforts will be in vain.

My Tumblr:

Rita's Tumblr (Roleplay): ask-ritafromjellyjamm.tumblr.c…

My Pixiv:…

My Youtube Channel:…

Streaming Channels:

Fetish Drawings: Https://


My Favorite series:
Jelly Jamm
Dragon ball
Adventure Time
Sonic X
and others.. ^^

Favorite Games:
Saints Row Saga
Grand Theft Auto Saga
Don't Starve
Team Fortress 2
Garry's Mod
Earthbound/Mother Saga

Favorite Characters:
1 - Ness (Earthbound)
2 - Lucas (Mother)
3 - Chara (Undertale)
4 - Temmie (Undertale)
5 - Rita (Jelly Jamm)
6 - Mina (Jelly Jamm)
7- Maya (Maya The Bee)
8- Curly Brace (Cave Story)
9- Tails (Sonic The Hedgehog)
10 - Megaman (Same name)
11 - Villager (Animal Crossing)
12 - Kai-lan (Same name)
13 - Goku (DBZ)
14 - Jeff (Clarence)

Birthday: November, 07

Play with me:
PlayStation Network ID: Kinabru
Origin ID: Fruztal_projects
X360 Gamertag: fruztalx
3DS Friend Code: 4313-4106-3152
Wii U: fruztalz
Discord: fruztal#7645

Add me on Steam!, I'm friendly :3
Note me to give you a invitation link
  • Listening to: Killer Cuts
  • Playing: GTA V Online
S'up People! ^_^ Fruztal here.

Well, like the title says... I'm trying to put more effort on my drawings >_<

I'm trying to improve the "Fart Cloud" to a "more" cartoony one. because the last drawings i made... well, it looks like i made a quick "Skunk" Spray or something Dx

Also i wanna make non-fetish stuff.. you know, 3D-ish Renders or Gmod/SFM stuff.

And that's all... ^^
  • Listening to: Killer Cuts
  • Playing: GTA V Online
Repost, from :iconfartfoxisabelle:'s Journal (adding some thingies)

I'm sure you all Fart/Fetishes in General Artists are worried about oncoming bullshit trolls, but i'm not gonna retire from doing fart stuff only because a random guy wants me to do it.
So i'll add some "rules" to the comment section.

- I will allow any one to ask me questions and I might as well answer them. 

- If you type them with any way toward offense (don't include curse words either) I will ask you to retype the question so it is not asked in a negative way. 

- If you reply to that in a negative way again or say you don't care in a sense I't will result in blocking and hiding the comment from being visible. (Your Ego is bullshit)

Statements and commandments: 
You may comment on my work and say what you like about the artwork and I will allow constructive criticism I certainly will thank you for your consideration (unless you're being sarcastic).

If you do not follow this it will result in just hiding the comment and never responding to it.

If you are constantly making these negative types on comments if I find it as a abuse or spam I will give you a warning then if you don't take it wisely I will report.

If I find it as harassment not as critical I will give you a warning then if the warning is ignored I will block you.

Most commandments I predict would be negative towards me it will follow the same as negative commenting.

Common like quotes I find offensive:
"I need bleach after seeing this" (Internet's favorite beverage, you don't even have the balls to do it)

"This gave me cancer/AIDS/etcetera" (So what?)

"My eyes are hurting/bleeding" (Then Stop being a douche and unplug your Internet)

"Autistic piece of shit" (First, read a book about the correct meaning of the words, then come back when you have "Knowledge")


(More may be added to the list if I find more common quotes)

Please be kind, be productive, get a better insight on things you don't understand, think positive, and act wise.

Thank you for reading~ Fruztal
  • Listening to: Imagine Dragons
  • Playing: GTA V Online

soo i bought RPG Maker VX a month ago, and i decided to make a RPG with Fart Fetish related adventure ^_^

:iconsoniclover562:  is helping me with some Scenes, Skills, etc etc.

Right now, the game isn't finished yet but i did a small demo so you can see how's the "plot"


If you have problems about the RPG or any question about the game.
just ask :iconsoniclover562: or just ask me ^_^

Have fun!
  • Playing: TES Online
I saw a lot of people having problems about getting a Mythical Pokemon at Gamestop Store.
and.. yeah.

Img 20160218 223311060 by fruztal

I Decided to Giveaway all the Legendary Pokemon from the Anniversary event for Players who own Pokemon X,Y, Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire but can't go to a Store to get a code ;)

The Rule is simple:
-You have to leave a comment here, with your 3DS Friend Code and your InGame Name.

Note: They are Legit, The same ones from Gamestop! ^_^

Also, i'm gonna "draw" all the Legendaries that Nintendo is Giving Away! ^^
and :icontackofetish: is gonna make a gmod pic of every one too ^^

My 3DS Friend Code is: 4313-4106-3152
and my Ingame Name is: Fabian

There's still time to get your Mew!!
Mew Giveaway Extends!: March, 31
  • Watching: Vinesauce Videos


fruztal has started a donation pool!
49 / 2,400
If you can.... donate points? ^^
for Premium Account :C

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